Nichole Webb, MA, LPC

Counselor, Yoga Teacher & Expressive Artist

Marriage Myths BUSTED

Myth #1: My spouse will complete me and meet all of my needs

REALITY: Sorry Jerry Maguire! Each of us is responsible for our own happiness. Happily married couples tend to have their own friends and spend some time apart.

Myth #2: If I marry the right person, then marriage won't take work.

REALITY: NO WAY JOSE! You reap what you sow. Good marriages can be HARD work sometimes even with Mr.or Ms. Right. "Conflict is growth waiting to happen" ~ Harville Hendricks

Myth #3: Our feelings of love are so strong, they will never change.

REALITY: Oh YES they will! Romantic love can only be sustained for up to 2 years. It says I love you because I need you. Successful marriage requires transforming (through a power struggle) into a mature love. It says I choose to love you and treat you with respect even if I don't feel lovingly all the time..

Myth #4: Marriage is equal & fair.

REALITY: GROW UP! Life is not fair and neither is marriage. Sometimes in marriage you will have a choice between being right or being connected to your spouse...which one brings you more joy?

Myth #5: My spouse will change once we get married.

REALITY: SERIOUSLY? Even if it does happen, you can't expect it to. You must be willing to accept your spouse as the person they are today knowing over the lifespan, they probably will change in some way but no guarantee how.

Myth #6: Children will bring us closer.

REALITY: WRONG! It's pretty much the opposite. Research shows the lowest time for marital satisfaction, looking across a lifespan, is actually while a couple has young children. 

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