Nichole Webb, MA, LPC

Counselor, Yoga Teacher & Expressive Artist

Let Your Yoga Dance

What is Let Your Yoga Dance®? 

It’s a fusion of chakra/yoga & joyful breath based energizing movements, combining yoga & user-friendly dance with music from all around the world. It is a dance of the multidimensional self, bringing tons of fun & healing to the seven energy centers, the chakras, & the entire body. This inspirational dance of yoga is for everyBODY, for all ages.

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Nichole Webb, MA, LPC became a certified teacher of Let Your Yoga Dance in November of 2014 after 100 hours of training with it's founder Meagha ~Nancy Buttenheim at Kripalu, a yoga and wellness education center in the Berkshire Mountains of Massachusetts.

Nichole describes her Let Your Yoga Dance classes as:

"It is a yoga-inspired DANCE class, but not one about yoga asana (poses), or dance technique or perfecting complex choreography. Rather, simple choreography may be offered but there is also plenty of room for individual, creative self-expression. I have taught classes with an age range of 5 - 80+ and people can even participate from a chair. It is very unique in that it is truly a multi-generational activity. My own 2 daughters as well as, my mother-in-law, have attended my classes together and all left smiling!"

Nichole believes dancing is a way to...

“become your most passionate, powerful, joyous, & authentic self!”