Nichole Webb, MA, LPC

Counselor, Yoga Teacher & Expressive Artist


"Nichole exceeded my expectations. I gained more in just a few sessions than I even thought was possible."

male age 23

"I felt comfortable with her instantly. She helps me understand myself and my relationships better."

male age 55

"She is not like other therapists I've been to. She doesn't just sit back and passively ask how stuff makes you feel. Rather she guides me to be in charge of my own life."

female age 38

"After just 1 session, I felt empowered to make a change in my life. And I started taking care of myself better...loving myself more...and listening to my heart."

female age 29

"My life has really improved since I learned to manage my stress. I worry less. Even my kids have noticed I'm smiling more."

female age 34